Burlington-Alger Bridge, Skagit County, WA NE 4th St. Overpass in Bellevue, WA Gulkana Pipeline Bridge, Sourdough, AK Middle Fork Bridge, Whatcom County, WA

Shearer Design, LLC is a structural engineering firm which provides engineering services for all aspects of bridge design, bridge repair, seismic retrofitting and replacement structures. Shearer Design has extensive bridge design experience in Washington State and Alaska. Company and individual experience includes all types of bridge structures, designed for highway loading, pedestrian loading and unique applications.

Our full resume of bridges includes:

  • Steel Plate Girder Bridges
  • Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges
  • Concrete box Girder Bridges
  • Concrete Arches
  • Segmental Bridges
  • Moveable Bridges

Our total cumulative experience represents nearly 250 million dollars of successful infrastructure construction projects.