Company History

Shearer Design was founded in 2000 and specializes in bridge design, construction engineering and project aesthetics. The firm, headed by Mr. David R. Shearer S.E., brings over 30 years of bridge design experience in all types of bridge structures including, but not limited to: a variety of typical prestressed concrete sections, concrete box girders, concrete tied arches, steel plate girders, deep foundations, timber structures, as well as seismic isolation and retrofit projects. Shearer Design offers to our clients award winning structural expertise on vehicular and pedestrian bridge projects to meet today's challenging design and environmental requirements.

Presently, we are a four-person firm that offers responsive one to one interactions with our clients. When you talk to the project manager you are speaking to the owner. We offer direct delivery of engineering services to our clients without the layers of support staff and overhead cost typical of large consulting firms. We currently have engineering licenses in Alaska, Oregon and Washington State.

Mr. Shearer is supported by Robert Doherty P.E., Brien Lindstrom S.E., and Joshua Pruitt S.E. Although small, we are completely familiar with WSDOT and APWA Standard Specifications and the LAG manual. We offer the ability and experience necessary for a complete range of services, from a small task up to full (PS&E) documents. During Mr. Shearer’s career he has prepared complete bid documents for projects ranging in size from $5,000 (Special signal pole design) to $11.5 million (750 foot concrete bridge). Total cumulative experience represents nearly 250 million dollars of successful infrastructure construction.