East Marine View Drive

East Marine View Drive

Everett, WA

Shearer Design provided a foundation design for this retaining wall. The foundation sill was supported by straight and battered pin piles. Role: Design, Specifications & Estimate, Construction Support and Engineer of Record.

TriMet Fence

TriMet Fence Sculpture

SE Division Street Station, Portland, OR

Shearer Design was approached by local artist Carolyn Law to provide post sizing and foundation design for her sculpture "Sky to Earth". Role: Foundation Design and Engineer of Record

Inlet & Outlet Structures

Kent, WA

These structures are part of a flooding relief project, used to devert high stream flow to a neighboring creek. Shearer Design provided structural design of the inlet & outlet structures including trash racks and a stream flow restrictor plate for a neighboring culvert to reduce flooding downstream. Role: Drawings, specifications, construction support, & Engineer of Record

Burlington Silo

Bulington Silo

Burlington, WA

This artistic grain silo provides a gateway enterance to the City of Burlington as part of the North Burlington BLVD. Improvement Project. Shearer Design provided structural design and construction drawings to bring this artistic concept to life. Role: Structural Design, Shop Drawing Review, and Engineer of Record

Anacortes Watering Cans / Windscreen

Anacortes, WA

Shearer Design provided structural design and drawings for a windscreen for a pedestrian view point, as well as downspouts in connection with a demonstration raingarden. Shearer Design worked for a Landscape Architectural Firm as part of this shoreline improvement / mitigation project. Role: Windscreen & Watering Can Bid Package, Construction Support, Engineer of Record