Gulkana Pipeline Bridge

Gulkana Pipeline Bridge

near Sourdough, AK

The Gulkana Pipeline Bridge is a 400 foot span basket-handle arch that spans the Gulkana River near Sourdough, Alaska. Constructed in 1975 to carry oil for the Alyeska Pipeline, our analysis was the first known check determining the capacity in regards to current design codes. Shearer Design provided in-depth structural assessment of the main arch, hangers and floor beam systems of this bridge for the pipeline.

Tazlina Pipeline Bridge

Tazlina Pipeline Bridge

near Glenallen, AK

The Tazlina Pipeline Bridge is a 650 foot span suspension bridge spanning over the Tazlina River near Glenallen, Alaska. The pipeline is supported by one main cable bundle, and two smaller lateral support bundles. Forces in the main cable was determined by measuring each intermediate hanger cable's axial load was using a laser vibrometer and accelerometers then a numerical model was created to determine the tensile loads in the main and lateral cables.

Shearer Design provided non-linear structural assessment on the primary and wind cable elements and load rating to determine the capacity of this 650 foot span cable suspension bridge for the Alyeska Pipeline.

City of Kirkland WSDOT Bridge Inspection

Kirkland, WA

Shearer Design performed the biennial WSDOT inspections for the City of Kirkland. All inspections were performed under the guidelines and criteria of the Washington State Bridge Inspection Manual M36-64 2002. Our services included the following:

  • WISBIS Inventory Report Updates
  • Bridge Inspection Report Updates
  • Deck damage assessment
  • Field Inspection
  • Photo Documentation

Canyon Falls Bridge

Index, WA

Shearer Design performed and in-depth inspection and condition survey of this 3 span 140 foot long bridge. This 1970's construction utilizes a glulam structure and is comprised of 4 stringers of variable depth with 4x12 deck members "top nailed" with only topical wood preservative. Shearer Design completed a full over and under deck inspection using sounding and drilling inspection techniques. The inspection revealed internal rot in the upper laminations of the existing structure and severe shear failure and crushing failure at the bearing points.

May Creek

Renton, WA

The scope of this project included full inspection of the bridge structure, as well as drawings of the structure and a corresponding load rating.

Birch Bay Bridges

Birch Bay, WA

Shearer Design provided three bridge inspections and one related load rating for the bridges at Birch Bay State Park. The North Trail Bridge and the South Trail Bridge are two pedestrian that were inspected by Shearer Design. These inspections included: the superstructure, piers & timber abutments.

The Terrell Creek Bridge was concrete vehicular bridge, which was inspected and rated.