S. 196th Street Bridge Base Isolation

S. 196th Street Bridge Base Isolation

Kent, WA

This new seismic design incorporated lead /rubber isolation bearings. This structure is founded on 8 foot diameter drilled shafts through soft silts, peats and clays required superstructure isolation to reduce seismic forces carried by the substructure. The engineering required comprehensive dynamic computer modeling and energy dissipation analysis.

Central Way Seismic Restainers

Central Way Bridge, Phase 1 Retrofit

Kirkland, WA

Shearer Design provided a design for a cable restrainer system to tie a three-span prestressed girder bridge together. The design included new transverse shear keys and joint rehabilitation. (In-house experience)

I-90 Ramp Seismic Restrainers

Slab Restrainers, I-90 Eastbound

Mercer Island, WA

Designed a retrofitted seismic restrainer for an eastbound ramp of I-90. (In-house experience)

Middle Fork Bridge Seismic Isolation

Mosquito Lake Road Bridge Seismic Isolation Bearings

near Deming, WA

As part of this rehabilitation project, seismic isolation bearings were added to reduce the seismic load on the aging concrete piers.